"Helping each child reach their 

full potential"

We are committed to providing a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate environment for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years.

The program is designed to foster secure relationships which enable children to

explore learn and grow. 

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About Us

Located in the heart of the community, Hammondsport Children’s Center provides high quality affordable child care and early learning opportunities. It's a place where small children learn and grow and a dynamic resource for parents.


Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate environment for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. The program is designed to foster secure relationships, which enable children to explore, learn and grow. Parents are an important part of the partnership. Working together with families, caregivers provide routines and experiences that are personalized for each child.  We monitor each child’s development in all domains and share progress with families. We help each child reach their full potential, be ready for school and develop the social and emotional foundation that will serve them a lifetime.  

Our Program

We use the Creative Curriculum design, which incorporates learning opportunities into the daily routines. Physical activities, creative experiences, reading and singing and cognitive activities all build skills.  Children are supported in their social and emotional development and learn the important skills of sharing, waiting, persistence, self-confidence and more. We create a nurturing environment and a happy and calm climate, one that will foster healthy development of minds, bodies, hearts and souls.  

Family & Communication

Families are the most important ingredient to children’s development.  Your family and our caregivers have a common interest in your child’s well being, and we seek to work in partnership with you.  Parent input is both encouraged and welcomed. Families are invited to participate in all program activities.  


Excellent communication is key. Parents are welcome to visit at any time, and we encourage you to talk to your child’s caregivers or to the Program Director with your questions. We provide a healthy, happy, stimulating environment for your child and peace of mind for you while you are working. This goal is achieved best when both home and program work together. 

Our Mission​

Hammondsport Children’s Center is a valuable community resource, supporting children and families. We work in collaboration with local organizations, such as the library, museums and civic groups to enrich the childcare curriculum and promote dialogue. The center provides an essential function and is also an economic engine for the community, creating jobs and supporting local businesses.    

Our Program


 Personalized care that fits your child’s unique temperament. Daily communication with parents to coordinate care routines. Enriched play experiences and outdoor time. 


Toddlers learn important social skills and begin to understand limits set by caring adults. Daily routines support the development of their growing independence and expose them to art, music, language and nature.


Daily play experiences are designed to stimulate thinking, creating, curiosity and learning. We monitor development in all domains and focus on school readiness.

Our daily schedule 


7:30             Arrival, health checks, chat with parents and free play

8:30             Breakfast 

9:00             Individualized activities and planned play experiences

10:00           Outdoor play, walks, gardening, trips to the library, etc

11:00           Clean up for lunch

11:30           Lunch

12:00           Brush teeth, wash hands and settle in for nap

12:30           Nap time (Children who don’t nap are encouraged to have quiet time on their cots)

2:00             Individualized activities and planned play experiences

2:30             Afternoon snack

3:00             Free play, outdoor play, project play

4:30             Clean up and get ready for parents




Yes, that’s right! Even the babies have a “course of study”. Infants are included in all of the daily activities however their individual schedules for eating and sleeping will be honored. We like to practice “container free” child care, which means that babies are held or on the floor. Seats or highchairs are used for feeding or brief activities.  Infants are placed to sleep on their backs until they are old enough to roll over themselves. You may bring mobiles or pictures to personalize your babies’ crib.  Infants will not be left to sleep in car seats.