Founder & Director

Founder and Director, Evelyn Efinger is an early childhood development leader with over 30 years of experience in the field. She has advocated for improvement in child development curriculum throughout NY state and at the national level in Washington DC.  She holds a BA in Clinical Psychology and an MS Ed in Early Childhood Education. 
Evelyn managed the NY state network of Infant Toddler Specialists to improve the quality of child care for babies and toddlers. She has worked at the legislative level to elevate the importance of the first three years of life. Collaborating across systems and expanding access to services, Evelyn has been instrumental in elevating early childhood development for New Yorkers.
National speaker on early childhood development
Infant/Family Specialist at NYU Head Start Quality Improvement Center
Director Steuben Child Care Project
Wrote grant applications and managed multiple contracts from a variety of federal, state, county sources and private foundations.

At Hammondsport Children's Center we carefully select staff members who enjoy nurturing small children and who want to contribute to their development. Each brings their own gifts and talents that enrich our team. Staff members receive training in the Creative Curriculum process and contribute ideas and materials for our daily play experiences. 
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