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It's time to enroll

As older children head back to school, parents next challenge can be finding the right care for their little ones. 

Enroll now at Hammondsportchildrenscenter.com

Hammondsport Children’s Center specializes in care and education for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We have flexible enrollment options to fit your family needs. 

Do you have a small infant and just need one day a week to get things done? 

Are you thinking of going back to work full-time and need a nurturing environment where your baby will thrive?

Your child will benefit from regular and stable care.  

And as your preschooler gets ready for school, you may want to choose full-time care to help them adjust to the routines and activities in our curriculum. 

We have a regular schedule every day that includes structured activities, free play and exploration, outdoor time and nutritious meals. Children experience regular naptime or quiet time with books, and special project play. 

Our staff introduces arts and crafts, science ideas, cooking projects, physical activities and lots of reading and literacy experiences. 

Come visit our program and let’s talk about how we can support you and your family. 

Email us to schedule a visit today: evelyn@hammondsportchildrenscenter.com

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