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Why I started Hport Children’s Center? And why it still matters…

Every community needs high quality child care and development services. Just like we care about good schools, it’s critical that our youngest children have reliable, loving care so that their little brains light up and grow. Secure relationships that encourage interaction build the social and emotional foundation for learning. Play and exciting early experiences with art and music and science are the ingredients for healthy brain development. Every child deserves this opportunity to thrive.

When I first found the building at 21 Shethar St. my vision started to emerge. This big old beautiful house could be a “home” for the little ones in our community. I had been travelling and teaching about the components of high quality care for infants and toddlers across New York and working on child and family policy across the country. When my Grandchildren were born the whole issue became more personal and I decided to start at home. Hammondsport is the place where I built a home and raised my two sons. As the saying goes ”Think Globally…Act Locally”

So, the work began. I secured a lease on the property at 21 Sheather St and opened my doors for business. The need for child care is always present and soon the place was filling with babies and toddlers and preschool children. Now three years later, we are operating at full capacity and have a waiting list. The environment has been improved, the curriculum refined and our ability to provide individualized care has been fine tuned. Come visit our “happy home” and see these little brains at work!

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